Hello World!

February 28, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

I thought I'd start with a little inside joke for programmers.  Every time you start using a new programming language, the first thing you're taught is how to have "Hello World!" appear on the screen.  I'm not sure "the world" will be that interested in my blog but it seemed like a good place to start.

My blog will more than likely be a brain dump of something that annoyed or inspired me at the time.  I'm guessing, of course! It might actually be about interesting things too.  But for my first post, I won't pick anything radical.

I was born in Hobart, Tasmania and joined the Royal Australian Air Force as a clerk (or as I prefer, mahogany pilot). I served 21 years before transferring to the Australian Public Service.  I served 22 years there and retired in 2020.  In 1987, while in Adelaide, I got into computer programing and haven't looked back.  The last 28 years of my career were spent in programming, software testing, database management and website design and development.

In retirement I have concentrated on the sport of Lawn Bowls to the point of winning the club championship.  Now it's time to get my golf back under control.  That will take a bit longer!

Thanks for listening.



I was born in Hobart, Tasmania, served for 21 years in Royal Australian Air Force and then served for 22 years in Australian Public Service. I got into computer programing in 1987 and have variously been a computer programmer, software tester, database administrator, and website designer/developer. I love golf, lawn bowls and Sci-Fi!